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Sofia Rodriguez Fernández

Die Materie träumt - El sueno de la materia

Ausstellung: 28. Juli bis 11. August 2023
Vernissage: Freitag 28.Juli, 18 Uhr
Finissage: Freitag 11. August, 18 Uhr

Die Materie träumt
In this art exhibition I’m continuing my artistic exploration of the stimulus that is the shape, of the sensations and emotions that it causes inside of us and the relation it has with a foundational feeling present in our bodies. Each piece presented here was made alongside the poetry book Materia del Origen (Substance of Origin), which was published this year. In my work poetry and visuals always go hand in hand. Image and poem are weaved together turning into an inseparable amalgamate. In watercolor paintings, water (which we are made of, as well of dreams) directs the streak. I like invoking water so that it can show its wisdom, its knowledge, its memory. To converse with the shape that water produces as it interacts with color, searching for knowledge that will bring us back to the origin. The images in this exhibition are looking to inspire the encounter between origin and form.   Die Materie träumt, of that which hasn’t been created, of that which wants to find its way here from the other side of the veil. How can we find the emptiness, the space, the form that can by itself be a condensed emotion, body, substance? How does it fill up and from what end does it get emptied? Where does it start or end? Towards which direction does it go or from where does it come from? On the mystery of that knowledge that art delivers is where we continue to wander.
Sofía del Carmen Rodríguez Fernández

Sofía del Carmen Rodríguez Fernández

Social anthropologist, poet and painter born in Mexico City. Poetry and Paint meet in her work, in parallel journeys of sorts with common grounds.

Among her publications are:
Carpinteria Dramática (Dramatic Carpentry) (Theatre, coauthor). Prologue by Emilio Carballido. UAM Iztapalapa 1980;
Ángel Fragmentado (Fragmented Angel) (Poetry) Ed. Fuera de Comercio, CONACULTA 1999;
Última concentración lírica (Last Lyric Concentration) (With Francisco Cervantes), Querétaro State Goverment 2002;
Poemas al viento (Poems to the Wind) Anthology (Poetry), La cabra ediciones 2008;
Los poemas de la poesía (The Poems of Poetry), Ed. Praxis, Mexico City 2012;
Flores en el desierto (Flowers in the Desert ). Iberoamerican poetry against femicide, Ed. Cascada de Palabras, Mexico City 2016. Amber, Tributo poético a las madres de niñas y mujeres desaparecidas (Amber. Poetic tribute to the mothers of missing girls and women), Ed. Cascada de Palabras  2018;
Materia del Origen (Poesía y pintura) (Substance of Origin) (Poetry and paint), Primero Sueño Editora, Guadalajara Jalisco 2023.

In 2001 she received a scholarship for Literature Creators, from the State Council for Culture and Arts in México, with which she wrote the poetry book Primera Forma (First Form), Prologue by Hugo Gutiérrez Vega, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro, 2004, a project in which poetry converses with painting in the territory of form.
She has collaborated with several periodicals like La Jornada Semanal and Alforja de Poesía. She gave poetry classes in the writers school SOGEM in Querétaro.
She has illustrated books and magazines.
She has participated in national and international exhibitions, collectively and individually.

Sofia Rodriguez Fernández - 2023

Sofia Rodriguez Fernández - 2023

Sofia Rodriguez Fernández -2023